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Outfitter providing scenic tours and fishing trips on Southern Oregon rivers.



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Guided Fishing Trips/Rates

Sled Boat Rates

$250 per person (minimum of 2 people/maximum of 4 people)

Drift Boat Rates

Full Day for 2 people $500     

Full Day for 1 person $450       

Half Day for 2 people $400

Half Day for 1 person $350


Whether you are an avid fisherman or you have never fished before we are extremely patient and will teach/guide you every step of the way. Anglers can enjoy side drifting for summer steelhead, winter steelhead, and fall chinook. Back bouncing roe and back trolling lures for spring/fall chinook. Trolling the estuaries for fall chinook. Or you can enjoy the twitch of a fly from our drift boat for summer steelhead.

Average duration for full day trips are 8 hours and half days are 5 hours.

Scenic Tours/Rates

Scenic tours on the Rogue River offer relaxation in calm water and excitement in swift rapids. Bring a camera for picturesque views and wildlife. Also learn about the Rogue river's geology and history. 


Average duration is 4 hours at $125 per person. Minimum/maximum of 2 people 

Salmon/steelhead Runs

January through mid April -Winter Steelhead

April throughout June -Spring Chinook

July throughout November -Fall Chinook

July throughout November -Summer Steelhead

What to bring and what is provided


All equipment is provided. Our Willie drift boat is heated and has an oven. Our 20 foot Fish-Rite jet sled can seat up to 4 people! Bucket style seats with arm rests will keep you comfortable for your day on the water. All kept fish are cleaned and bagged for you at the end of each trip. For fishing trips you will need a valid Oregon fishing license and harvest tag. Please wear appropriate clothing for the trip; sun block/sun glasses, and/or rain gear is recommended depending on weather conditions. Lunch is not provided so bring your favorite foods/snacks and remember, we can heat hot foods in our drift boat oven such as burritos, pizza etc. Your well being and safety comes first and is top priority.

Insured, permitted by the BLM, licensed by the state of Oregon and the USCG


We are a fully equipped outfitter based in Southern Oregon. This area offers year-round fishing and natural beauty found nowhere else in the world. Come experience a taste of what the Pacific Northwest has to offer in Southern Oregon.


About Me

I spent my childhood fishing and floating the Rogue river with my father in his 1973 Wooldridge drift boat. One of the original aluminum drift boats made by Rogue and river pioneer Glen Wooldridge. These experiences sparked a life long passion for the local rivers, their history and the fish that call them home. Rivers, swift waters and natural surroundings gained my respect and honor. As your guide I look forward to sharing serene river environments and world class fishing with you. 

                            James Sherbourne 





For questions or to book a trip contact owner/operator James Sherbourne at

541-500-7457 or by email at 

Looking forward to meeting and guiding you down Southern Oregon's finest rivers.

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